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argh I duplicated the journal entry and can't delete this one : U, so I repeat information.

Kobolds!! Wanted! by Shabazik

Kobolds. The contest was over the 28 June 2015... Then passed one month... and a second month... and some days, and I still didn't announced the results:

EDIT 24.10.2015 : Because there isn't a third without a fourth, we had a "little" delay... of yet other month. I'm horrible v___v

Because of this, I'm really sorry to all the participants v___v

In part, this was because it was very difficult for me to decide among the entries, so finally I created a series of criterias to judge them: the criterias where:
1.- Physical Apparience (Are they something I envisone as they could physically be a part of Aiers?)
2.- Do they live in the Underworld of Kazrrad?
3.- What is their nature?
4.- Do they fit in Aiers, be as peoples or myths?
5.- Are they "game changers", that if they are choosen they would change Aiers?

I'm afraid is easier to say for me what I'm not sure about and don't want of the Aierian Kobolds, than what I want for Aiers! XD


:bulletred::iconaielloa::devAielloA :Kobolds by AielloA
The AielloAns kobolds are a sort of Catfish/Rabbits hybrid from that function as scavengers in the underworld. Due their docile nature, they have been hunted down to the brink of extinction.

They have a very cute appearance but unfortunately in regards to what I was looking for in terms of feeling, story, and appearance it was not a fit. Thank you for your participation though AielloA!!

:bulletred::iconarmygeneral13::devArmygeneral13 :contest entry by Armygeneral13
The Armygeneralian Kobolds are an hybrid of Reptile and mamal: Mushroom farmers of numerous families in the deep Kazrrad, and cannonfodder for the Armies of the Dark Legion.

I sort of nicknamed them "Raptiles", and while an interesting concept, they seems to fill too many of the same niches as the Goblins in the Armies of the Dark Legion and in the Underworld of Kazrrad.

:bulletred::iconbunny75::devbunny75 :

Mature Content

Kobold by bunny75

The Bunnyan Kobolds are an hybrid, result of mixing a Dwarf and a Goblin, often in non-consensual relations; known as well as Halfling or Gully Dwarfs.

Not much of what I was thinking as for a Kobold of Aiers, but definitively, I liked the concept of a Half Dwarf / Half Goblin, and I think I may use that concept -if Bunny75 agree-, under the name of Gully dwarfs -but not maybe Halfling, as is evocative of Hobbits and other, different creatures!-

Thanks for participating Bunny75!!

:bulletred::iconchizzil:Chizzil :Kobold by Chizzil
The Chizzilian Kobolds are inteligent and dangerous mole people: expert sappers, very angry and very territorial.

Many thanks for the awesome drawing!!

:bulletblue::icondroutiz::Droutiz : Concurso de koboldsKOBOLDS
Los kobolds son un híbrido resultante entre las especies K´nir, Hakkar y Draak Harg, por lo que presentan características de estas tres especies. Debido a su herencia Hakkar son algo más bajos del ser humano medio (1,50 m) aunque puede variar notablemente, y son algo enclenques, lo que explica su pequeña fuerza, apenas superior a la de los trasgos Ur Dur.
Debido a que fueron concebidos al principio como un experimento sobre los límites en la hibridación de varias especies distantes entre sí, cada kobold tiene un aspecto diferente, puesto que las proporciones entre las tres especies principales que los forman varían. El kobold común posee cabeza Draak Harg con cuernos de carnero sobresaliéndole de la cabeza, un pecho y extremidades superiores a medio camino entre las escamas de un reptil y el pelaje de un K´nir; y las extremidades inferiores de un Hakkar. Sin embargo, como dije antes, la proporción
Lancero kobold by Droutiz
The Droutiz Kobolds have an exiting story, culture and society: Creations of demons and librarians, they value above all writing and reading: inteligent kobolds in difference to other of the candidates, a small, cohesioned group:

I would love there to be an entry in english to share it more among you all guys! I would live to use many of the elements of these Kobolds, specially of the story and culture -with some adaptations!-

Thanks for participating Droutiz!

:bulletred::iconfenixdelcaos::FenixdelCaos : Kobolds of Aiels contest by FenixdelCaos
The FenixdelCaos Kobolds are other experiment of Demons: mix of Orcs and Goblins -among others-, casted to the depths of Kazrrad, living in small, errant bands of Hunter-Gatherers and scavengers.

In Aiers, a mix of Orc and Goblin is called Hobgoblin, and as Hobgoblins or goblins maybe I would like to use some of the elements of the FenixdelCaos creatures...

Thanks for Participating FenixdelCaos!

:bulletred::iconferchosky::devFerchosy: :The Kobolds by Ferchosky
The Ferchosky Kobolds (Die Kobolds) was a German Punk Rock band from... oh, sorry, not that. They are some sort of goblinoid creatures, described to be a bit like dwarves and a bit like dwarves, probably creations of minor demons or dwarves: their females unknown, some wondered about their reproduction. Bandits in small bands, not a culture or a civilization.

I liked again the concept of a goblin-Dwarf hybrid and the related art: but again, I feel these more goblin-like that what I feel as Kobolds; and the Shadow-Walking magic habilities are interesting and would make them stand out from some goblins, but as I don't feel they fit the limits of magic of Aiers, this crucial distingtion would be lost to distinguish them from other goblinoids...

Maybe a class of magic-using goblinoids? Would like to use some elements of these guys, but more than as "Kobolds", as a sort of dwarven-goblin hybrid!

Many thanks Ferchosky!

:bulletred::iconfierros:Fierros :Koboldsketch by Fierros
The Fierros Kobolds are a creature that originates in the darkest corners of Kazrrad, as mole-rats eat a magical, mystical mushroom. Prefeering to be myths, the blind creatures use magic to see using the skulls of other species when they wander to the surface, where they search for carrion: carrion they use to grow the mushrooms, their only food.

Very original creatures and concepts, I'm afraid however that their use of magic would be awesome to other world than Aiers, but due the limits I set for magic -as only to be found among elfkind, dragonkind and demonkind- this very original concept doesn't quite fit for what I was looking for Aiers:

Many thanks Fierros!
:bulletred::iconhepatizon:Hepatizon : Kobolds by Hepatizon
The Hepatizon Kobolds, like the Bunnyan Kobolds, are a result of mixed species relations: but while the Bunnyans are a Goblin-Dwarf mix, the Hepatizon Kobolds, known as well as Green Gmones, Petty Dwarves, Mud Fairies or Tooth Fairies are descendants of a Gmonian colony deep in Nubla with Fairies. Peaceful creatures, they are scavengers and mushroom gatherers, who have as well an affition for "tooth hunter".

An interesting concept that I would like to use, but not as a Kobold, but as a sort of Duende, name I already give to some hybrids with Fairies...

Many thanks for participating Hepatizon! A very enjoyable entry!

:bulletred::iconixisnyx:IxisNyx :Contest entry: Kobolds by IxisNyx
The IxisNyxean Kobolds -or Brownies- are a quite humanoid rat people, very small and who have avoided getting onvolved in conflicts, prefeering to be traders and merchants.

What I found original was their traders attitude, and as well, I liked the currency system they use of chains -similar to what I had done but almost explained to no one of the Dark legion!

Thanks for participating IxisNyx!!

:bulletblue::iconjathis:Jathis : Kobolds!History/Creation: There are stories about the Kobolds that the Drow down below created centuries ago. Several magic-users had become bored one day and a bet was made regarding the ability to create a race that would serve as both target practice and a kind of pet for the little ones. Several attempts were made to do this but they had all ended up becoming a small disaster.
One magic-user over several months however managed to succeed in their attempt. They used the runts of her riding lizard's clutch of eggs and transmuted them with a few Dwarves that had been taken during a recent raid. The first few results were bloody failures, piles of flesh and bone that sizzled and popped ominously. These were thrown down a gorge while no one was looking and the experiments continued with more zeal.
In the end she did manage to create a brand new race with the last Dwarf at her disposal and the Kobolds were born. They were reptilian in appearance, the size of an adult Dwarf thanks to their mixtur

The Jathisi Kobolds are a creation by the Drow, who using magic created this race to be pets: popular pets, but who become too inteligent and escaped their masters, promising each other to never be own by the legion before!

An original concept, however I somewhat feel as the magic there avaible and used by the drow is beyond the capabilities of magic I have given to elves in general, who couldn't create new species and races... Somehow as well, the rebellion of the Kobolds made me think for unknown reasons of "the plaent of the Apes". XD

Many thanks for participating Jathis!

:bulletred::iconkiborg-graph:Kiborg-Graph :A Kobold In A Cave. by Kiborg-Graph
The Kiborggraphi potato-sack fashion-lovers Kobolds are robbers and tricksters, crafty yet primitive.

Somehow, the description and lack of a lore of origins of story, make me think of this more as The Kobold, than "a" Kobold... I mean, as a character rather than a People of Aiers: but an interesting one!

Thanks for the entry Kiborg Graph!

:bulletblue::iconlarqven:larqven : Kobold Contest'''K O B O L D''', ''Caverna Aqua Fossor''
'''Race:''' Kobold
'''Species:''' Kobold
'''Other names:''' Beak Faces, Hair Balls, Deep Cavers, Swimmers, Flat Tails, Cave Haunters, Grabbers, Subterraneans, Earth Dwellers, Mole Men
'''Allegiance:''' unaligned, sometimes serve [[illithids]]
Kobolds are a hairy, beaked semi-humanoid that live in deep [[Kazrrad]], often on the shores of flooded caverns.
==General Description==
Kobolds are a small furry, beaked, cave folk that live in deep aquatic places.  They have a wide range of attributes that are not often seen together as in a chimera like fashion.
===Chimera Attributes===
Some of these chimera attributes are oily fur, mammary glands, hard, protruding beaks, poison glands, electro-reception, and egg laying.  They are adapted towards a subterranean, aquatic lifestyle that serves them well in on the shores of the sunless seas of the flooded caverns of deep [[Kazrrad]].  They are diggers of holes for their nests and traps.

The way I would describe the Larqvian Kobold is of "platypus people": deep, deep chimeras of the sunless seas of deeper Kazrrad, poisonous creatures who remain as hunter gatherers-

I liked the description of the habitat and form of life, but somehow get more the idea of them being some sort of inteligent animals, than peoples of Aiers...

Thanks for the entry Larqven!

:bulletblue::iconlittlemacfan:LittleMacFan : KOBOLDSESSo, entering some contest about Kobolds. Let's get this show on the road, ah?
     Nobody's 100% sure just where Kobolds came from. The most popular belief is that Kobolds came about from an extremely odd mutation from a goblin. This goblin, it is said, had suffered extreme battle injuries, and lost much blood, some of which was replaced with that of a lizard. As a result, when this goblin had offspring, the children were a strange goblin/lizard hybrid. Their skin was tough and scaly, dark green or sometimes brown, and they had pronounced claws, teeth, and usually tails. However, they remained warm-blooded, and about the size of goblins.
    Over time, these offspring managed to mate with other goblins, and the mutation happened yet again. These Kobolds eventually became an independent, tribal race. They lived in groups of no less than ten, and no more than twenty.
Temperament and Settlements:
    Kobolds are a rather hostile peoples, especial

The Little Macfany Kobolds are an hybrid mutation of goblin and lizard: hermit atheists and hunter gatherers. Found interesting their aproximation to religion and diet.

Many thanks for the entry, Little Mac Fan!

:bulletred::iconmate888:mate888 Contest entry: Kobold Thief by mate888
The Mateochos Kobolds are egg-laying mammals: the lowest of the lowest, a race of thieves living in the deepest corners of Kazrrad.

Many thanks for participating Mate888!

:bulletred::iconthestripelesstiger:TheStripelessTiger :
The Stripeless Kobolds aren't as stripeless as their name: egg-laying mammals with the apparience of children, with strippes and patterns on their greyish skin and fiery red hair, along with a tail. Curious and peaceful, they are thought to be immortal and ageless due their apparence and mentality.

A very original and interesting concept, going back to the roots of the Kobolds myths!

Thanks for participating!
:bulletred::iconturnip007:turnip007 :Kobold (aiers entry) by turnip007
The Turnipian Kobolds are small reptilian-like creatures who live deep beneath: Creatures who once where created by an unknown entity for an unknown purpose, long lost in history, to be his workers: and while they master and purpose long dissapeared, they continue their primal directive: to continue to work, work, dig and build deeper and deeper, extending the Underworld of Kazrrad:

This is one of the concepts I found more interesting: this implicit idea of a primeal sense, long lost in the past, but taken and continued as their most sacred tradition...

Thanks for participating!
:bulletblue::iconraja-ulat:Raja-Ulat : World of Aiers: Kobold Challenge EntryAiers: Kobold Challenge
Disclaimer: This is my entry for the kobold challenge hosted by Shabazik at [] and I hope that it would be well-received.
Species: Aminiotas
Race: Kobold
Habitat: Mainly places which are warm and are moist
Diet: Mainly invertebrates and fishes but are opportunistic carnivores
Alignment: Unaligned
General Description
Kobolds are a small humanoid race which possess features similar to that of salamanders or newts. These features include semipermeable skin, no more than four digits on the hands, no more than five digits on the feet, long tails which allow them to be effective swimmers and may be prehensile, and blunt snouts. Due to having semipermeable skin, Kobolds must keep their bodies moist hence why they are most often found in places that are near freshwater and/or humid. Examples of favoured habitats for kobolds include underground caves which are connected to freshwater rivers and tropical forests with humid air. They a

The Raja'ulati Kobolds are salamanter or newt like people: amphibians who need to keep their skin moist, loving mostly in freshwater rivers and tropical forests with humid air: fishermen, they work as well many times in labours underwater:

A very interesting group which I would like to adapt in Aiers, as a Saah subspecies -the Raja-ulani?-, but doesn't quite have the feel I was looking for a Kobold for Aiers I think:

Many thanks for participating!!
:bulletblue::iconrushvin:rushvin : Kobold for ContestKobold for Shabazik race making contest
Physical form
Kobolds physically resemble Dwarves in that they are short with stocky builds.
General height is 4-5 feet tall but the weight can be surprisingly heavy going from a light 100 pounds to nearly 1,000.
They generally have almost no body hair.
The skin is pale in color and  never tan just burn from too much sunlight if exposed for long periods.
The eyes have very large pupils leaving almost no white areas visible normally.
Ears are vestige being small to nonexistent.
The teeth are in three plates on top and bottom, so 6 'teeth' instead of the human number in the thirties.
Breasts are used not for infant feeding but water retention. Depending on how much a Kobold has drank the breasts can go from flat-chest to DD cup. Females can 'carry' more water then males. The inhalation of so much water increasing chest size can cause pain if they have their armor on constraining the chest's expansion. There seems to be a natural limit

The Rushvin Kobolds where creations of the demon lord Rush the Shallow, out of a need to have sappers to fight the Dwarven Mines: breed from a stock of dwarves, heavily modified, the Kobolds where artificial creations with a strong natural magic: eaters of dirt, metal and stones that they made into a magical armor: lost without demon lords, was a subservient race, who if not in demonic control was organized only in small bands without a development of an advanced material culture.

A very interesting and original design... but I would say it feels to me more as a demonic kind than Kobolds for Aiers: but as a sort of demon, could be used some of the elements!

Many thanks Rushvin for the entry!
:bulletred::iconsordcooper2:sordcooper2 :Kobalds contest entry by sordcooper2
The Sordcooper Kobolds are deep kazrradian creatures: stunted goblin like, sometimes with different apparence: a nuisance and danger for the travelers of deep kazrrad, keen on doing traps: dwarves and drows blamed each other for their creation.

A fun read and nice drawings:
Many thanks Sordcooper2!!

:bulletred::iconwalt-marsters:Walt-Marsters : Survival 24Archon stared at Pumori’s hand but didn’t move. Pumori quickly glanced over her shoulder to the closed door and then back at him. When he still didn’t move, she grabbed his arm and pulled him to his feet. He cringed before her. The wolf girl quickly let go and said:
“Alex not be scared. Pumori come to help. Not can stay here! Orcs may come. More are up there! Pumori see through window day before and can smell now. They is drinking beer. Come with Pumori now!”
“Come … with you?”
“Yes, yes.”
“Why? What’s the point?” He whispered.
“Point? Silly question! Alex rather stay with likes as shaman?” Pumori said, pointing at the corpse of the Orc.
“No … but … everybody knows now who I am. I can’t go back to the den. It will only endanger the others. If they aren’t endangered already. So … whether I’m used and killed by that Orc demon or by you … Doesn’t
Kobold? From Survival 24 by Walt-MarstersKobold worker by Walt-Marsters
The Roccasionian Kobolds are stuff from legends of the lore of the Frontier city: strange creatures that dwell beneath the city, in the tunnels and foundations of the old dwarven mine: either a tribe of goblins or something else, these creatures are lead by a curse they have, "The frenzy", that call them to do reckless, dangerous stuff, be doing expeditions to the surface first, and later, to hunt down the ones who ventured in the sewers of the city...

Thanks for participating Walt-Marsters!!


It wasn't easy to decide. Not easy at all, that's why took so long: in part, because I had no clear idea what I had in mind, and had to think longly and weight each one of the entries on a conceptual level: not so easy to do: before, in other contests, was easier for me to judge, as it come most from a first impression: here I needed much reasoning, thinking and proving, as most entries had interesting elements which could be used, and many maybe not as kobolds, but as other creatures or demons could work for Aiers...

wasn't easy, I'm afraid!

And that's why the next contests would be something easier to judge, to take a couple of days on that and not MONTHS! XU

So Sorry people!

THIRD PLACE:  turnip007!

Cute little things, infatigable workers, working without knowing old projects abandoned by their masters -almost as abandoned as my judgement of this contest XO-: While they wouldn't be the "main" Kobold of Aiers, they could very well will be mixed for some of the cultures of the final Aierian Kobolds. I think in physical apparience, the final kobolds of Aiers will look a lot alike to these guys!

SECOND PLACE: : bunny75

Mature Content

Kobold by bunny75

I liked this concept -as I liked others-, but was a very nice one, and gave me an idea, along with other entries: Kobold will come in Aiers from an ancient dwarven word -Kôb-oldh-, which will mean something aproximately to "half breed": in that way, could be an explaination to such a diverse term used to apply to different creatures, hybrids -often with some dwarven stock-:

That way, the Aierian Kobolds will have a pre-existence as myth, will be as well a word used by dwarves to call several different kinds of half breeds -often half dwarf, but not always-, and the final aierian kobolds, of demonic creation based largelly, which brings us to... this mean an addaptation to aiers as well of the Hepatizonian, Waltmarsterian and Ferchoskyan kobolds as a possibility!

Concurso de koboldsKOBOLDS
Los kobolds son un híbrido resultante entre las especies K´nir, Hakkar y Draak Harg, por lo que presentan características de estas tres especies. Debido a su herencia Hakkar son algo más bajos del ser humano medio (1,50 m) aunque puede variar notablemente, y son algo enclenques, lo que explica su pequeña fuerza, apenas superior a la de los trasgos Ur Dur.
Debido a que fueron concebidos al principio como un experimento sobre los límites en la hibridación de varias especies distantes entre sí, cada kobold tiene un aspecto diferente, puesto que las proporciones entre las tres especies principales que los forman varían. El kobold común posee cabeza Draak Harg con cuernos de carnero sobresaliéndole de la cabeza, un pecho y extremidades superiores a medio camino entre las escamas de un reptil y el pelaje de un K´nir; y las extremidades inferiores de un Hakkar. Sin embargo, como dije antes, la proporción

I loved Droutiz concept of a failed demonic creation: librarians, inteligent and cohesioned, this helps to make them stand up from being scaly goblins, and how the Imp that created them, that they rebellead against  and yet continue to rule them exist: as well, they aren't a too large society, deep in Kazrrad, and wouldn't "change the game" of Aiers...

But a late demonic creation, only from the years prior to the First War of the Power, leave space for the myths to exist! And being hybrids, for the dwarven origin of the name!
I would need to ask you thought to translate the pic!

MANY THANKS FOR ALL WHO PARTICIPATED! MANY GOOD IDEAS WHERE THERE, AND YOU ALL HAVE HELPED ME TO FINALLY GET A KOBOLD FOR AIERS! Thought as in some other "demonic creations", the final Kobolds of Aiers are as well a matter of myth, and a word that could be used for several half breeds, succesful or failed, can be used as well to conjugate some of the concepts, ideas and entries!!


(and I swear, I wouldn't take so much time in the next contest to post the results! XD
In part I think this was because I expected almost like only two or three people would offer ideas, not 21 persons!!)
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